North Central: Allandale/Rosedale/Brentwood/Crestview

Welcome to North Central: Allandale/Rosedale/Brentwood/Crestview

In the heart of it all, yet blissfully apart, North Central's Allandale, Rosedale, Brentwood, and Crestview districts offer a genteel counterpoint to urban hustle. Offering both walkability and accessibility, these neighborhoods are an idyllic blend of convenience and sequestered green spaces. Set amid charming parks and tree-lined streets, it's an area where affordability joins hands with luxury — imagine traditional homes with modern interiors and picture-perfect yards for those delightful weekend barbecues.

What to Love

  • Strategic location, easy access to amenities
  • Variety of leisure and entertainment options
  • Verdant parks for relaxation
  • Hassle-free living with daily conveniences

Local Lifestyle

Residents in these districts get to revel in an enviable blend of comfort and convenience. Picture stepping out of your front door to stroll down to the corner coffee shop, passing by inviting storefronts and friendly faces along the way. What truly sets this place apart is the plethora of things to do without compromising on tranquility. It's a life that offers the best of both worlds: serene residential streets for peaceful living and bustling avenues filled with urban activities for a spontaneous day or night out.

Dining and Entertainment

A gastronomic paradise awaits you at Cover 3, where the convivial ambiance and top-tier service harmonize perfectly with a palate-pleasing menu. When you're there, every bite and sip transports you to a state of culinary euphoria.
For those seeking a rustic and cozy atmosphere, Bartlett’s is your sanctuary. The highly attentive staff makes you feel cherished, and their versatile drink selection harmonizes well with their artful dishes. Your quest for fine dining culminates here.
In the realm of pizza, Pinthouse Pizza redefines tradition with a twist. Expect nothing short of deliciousness that's served in a lively atmosphere, complemented by an array of craft beers. Tumble22 satisfies that classic Southern craving with its perfectly crunchy and juicy fried chicken offerings in a friendly setting.
But if your palate longs for the whimsical, make a pit stop at Voodoo Donut. The atmosphere here is as vibrant as the flavors of their extraordinary donuts. Lastly, when it comes to impeccable pizzas paired with a robust wine list, Bufalina Due stands out as a culinary masterpiece.

Things to Do

If you're in search of tranquil escapes without leaving the city's precincts, Ramsey Park offers a sprawling oasis for your leisure pursuits. From jogging trails to playgrounds, it serves as a communal backyard where nature meets nurture.
Meanwhile, Beverly Sheffield Park stands as another testament to the area's commitment to providing idyllic green spaces. Whether you're there for a picnic, a nature walk, or simply to feed the ducks, this park guarantees a serene yet engaging environment for all ages.


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